Welcome to Naturally, Holistically Healthy!

My goal is to provide you with healthy living information that’s accurate but accessible, in a context that encourages progress over perfection.

Often, healthy lifestyle sites can feel a bit too perfect, leaving you feeling like you just can’t measure up.  At Naturally, Holistically Healthy, I believe in celebrating the wins, recognizing that every little change you make adds up.  This is real life, and we all have real budgets, real preferences, and real schedules to work with.  I want to help you enjoy your real life more by living it as vibrantly as you can, not make you feel like you need a different life.

There’s still a bit of content left to be loaded, so be sure to come back periodically to see the new information as it’s added.  (You’ll probably get a general idea of what’s left to be published, from the gaps in the navigation menu above.)

There are also a lot of book reviews that will be going up on the blog in the near future.  Rest assured that, although I do intend to continue doing book reviews, I expect them to be a bit more balanced by other things in the long run!

If you’re really eager to dive into healthy lifestyle changes, take a look at my new e-course, Baby Steps to Better Nutrition and a Healthier Lifestyle