Healing Systems

When something is not quite right, where do you go?  How do you choose a doctor?  How do you even know what kind of practitioner you want?  There are so many options!  (And with such foreign names.)

The pages in this section will summarize a variety of healing systems & modalities so you have a better idea of which one(s) might be a good fit for you.  (I’ve tried to include all the major systems & modalities; inclusion should not necessarily be considered an endorsement.)


Allopathic Medicine
Acupuncture & Acupressure
Energy Medicine
Massage Therapy & Other Bodywork
Midwifery (& Doulas)
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

2 thoughts on “Healing Systems

  1. I am looking forward to this. Sometimes I need to get help, but I don't know what I don't know. Thanks for your down-to-earth approach.

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