Healthy Children

Children’s health, for the most part, works just like everyone else’s. 🙂  All the other sections of this site (well, except maybe the reproductive section(s)) will apply to the little ones, as well. But let’s face it, as parents we have to make all kinds of lifestyle and health-related decisions for our children that are simply non-issues for us as adults.

Hospital birth, homebirth, or birthing center?  (Or something else?)  To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?  Cloth diapers or disposables?  Bottle feeding or breastfeeding — or a combination of the two?  (And if it’s a bottle, what are you putting in it?)  How long do you wait before introducing solid food, and then what goes first?  Last?  Where does baby sleep?

It seems the list is endless.

This section will address some issues that are specific to these infant- or child-related decisions.

Please understand as you read that I absolutely believe you, as the parent, have the last word.  I don’t necessarily expect you to agree with all of my conclusions, and that’s okay.  I’ll respect your right to make decisions for your family, and you respect my right to make decisions for mine — deal? 🙂  In the meantime, hopefully this will provide some information that’s helpful for those who are still trying to figure out where they stand.

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