Humans are meant to live close to the earth.  Consider our history.  Evolutionists believe man evolved in close proximity to the earth.  From a Creationist perspective, man is literally formed from earth!  While the idea of “earthing” may initially sound very mystical or “woo-woo,” it’s actually a very physical concept, with scientific evidence to back it up.1 2

What is grounding/earthing?

“Grounding” and “earthing” are two different names for the same thing.  Some people prefer to avoid the term “earthing” because the emphasis on the earth feels too close to New Agey for them.  Others prefer to use the term “earthing” in order to differentiate from the grounding of electronics.

But that type of grounding is exactly what underlies this idea.  The earth has a large, strong electromagnetic field.  When we are in direct contact with it, we are enveloped in that same field, discharging static and balancing our own inherent energy fields.  Being within this earthbound electromagnetic field also seems to have a protective effect against the disruption of foreign energy fields, like those from man-made consumer electronics.

In past eras, people lived in contact with the earth (physically; I don’t mean talking to it) as a matter of course.  It wasn’t something they did; they simply lived their lives and they were in contact with the ground.  But many of our modern conveniences and constructs create a barrier. Houses with floors.  Elevated beds.  Rubber-soled shoes.  Asphalt-paved streets.  These all create barriers that quite literally separate us from the earth.

How can I earth myself/ground myself?

The best and least expensive way to “earth” is the simple way: just put yourself in actual contact with the actual ground.  Walk barefoot outside.  Sit in the grass.  Swim in a lake or in the sea.  Although more really is better when it comes to this, and getting “back to the earth” all the time would be ideal, that isn’t very realistic for most of us.  Even a little bit helps.  Try for every day.

Soil, sand, and grass are all good surfaces to sit on for this purpose.  Stone and even concrete will serve, as well.  Plants growing in the ground are part of the same energy field, so climbing a tree will do the same.  Asphalt paving is a buffer, though, so walking barefoot on most streets will not have the same effect.

For those of us who are stuck inside, the options become more limited.  Unsealed concrete basement floors might offer the same opportunity as a traditional dirt floor.  My basement has a brick hearth that I suspect my serve, as well.  You can look for those types of opportunities.  But if you don’t have those, there are now commercially-available “earthing” products designed to use modern technology to bring the ground to you.

These products — from armbands to blankets to mats to sheets — are laced with conductive silver threads, and designed to plug into the ground of a standard electric socket.  A properly wired ground outlet is, itself, wired to the ground (hence the name), so it basically serves as your extension cord to outside.

Is grounding dangerous?

As a general rule, grounding should not be harmful.  It is, after all, how we’re designed to live!  But there are a few things to be aware of.

  • If you’re grounding via an outlet, be sure to test the outlet first, to ensure that the outlet is wired correctly.  As long as the outlet is properly wired, plugging into the ground should be completely safe.  (No electricity flows through it.)  But a mis-wired outlet could, obviously, cause a problem.  (You can get an outlet tester from the same places you can buy earthing products).
  • Earthing regularly seems to improve function, so if you’re on medications, monitor your health as  you being earthing, in case medication dosages need to be adjusted.
  • Some who are chronically ill have found that earthing a lot all at once is too much for their bodies to handle.  Using an earthing sheet all night long, for instance, might make them feel worse instead of better.  It is recommended that if your health is very poor, you start with 30 or 40 minutes, and gradually work up to longer periods.

Earthing (the book)Earthing (the book)Set Includes Two Mat, Two Grounding Cords And Two Wrist BandsSet Includes Two Mat, Two Grounding Cords And Two Wrist BandsConductive Pillow Case (2 sets)Conductive Pillow Case (2 sets)