The purpose of Naturally, Holistically Healthy is to make “healthier” simple for real* moms (and anyone else along for the ride).

I aim to do this by:

  • providing evidence-based information that’s easy to understand
  • curating resources so you don’t have to
  • sharing principles of healthy lifestyle and for evaluating sources
  • creating an encouraging environment where every step forward is celebrated

You can read the site policies (kinda boring) or learn more about the writer behind the site (hopefully not so boring) by clicking through the links.  Or contact me by one of the methods below.




*Why “real”?  Occasionally people have laughed at this adjective, asking, “is there any such thing as a mom who’s not real?” Of course there isn’t!  But it’s important to me to emphasize the “real,” acknowledging real budgets, real dietary concerns, real time constraints, and all the other elements of real life that real moms face — no pretense of being supermom.

(This site does not host sponsored posts, etc.  However, if you are a PR rep with an interest in this area, you may contact me about the possibility of such a feature at Titus 2 Homemaker.  I also do not offer solicited placements in the main section of this website.  However, I will consider relevant books or products for review on the blog.)