Body Systems

I actually feel a little strange writing about a variety of systems in the body, as I strongly believe in a holistic model — that is, that everything works together.  If one thing is out of balance, it will inevitably (if it stays that way) knock other things out of balance as well.  Conversely, bringing one thing back into balance may require rebalancing a few different things, because it’s all so interdependent!

With that said, though, when you want to understand what the systems do, the information is a little easier to grasp in bite-sized pieces.  So we’ll break it down and take them one (or, in some cases, two) at a time to give you some background on each system and how they look/feel when working well.

Integumentary System

Digestive System

Immune System/Lymphatic System

Muskuloskeletal System

Nervous System

Reproductive System/Endocrine System

Respiratory System

Urinary System