Posture & Carriage

Many of us have heard the admonition, “Stand up straight!”  You may not have realized what a fundamentally beneficial suggestion that is!  It may be simplest to discuss this in terms of the potential results of poor posture. 

  • Poor posture “scrunches” the lungs, so they cannot be used to their full capacity.  Thus the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide is reduced, and toxins that are eliminated through the lungs may be incompletely removed.
  • Poor posture compresses the spine, resulting in the potential for “glitchy signals” being sent through the nerve bundles that emerge from the spine.
  • Poor posture “scrunches” the internal organs, making it difficult for them to function effectively.  This can result in impaired digestion (and, consequently, decreased nutrition) and/or impaired elimination (and, consequently, a buildup of toxins).
  • Poor posture shifts the body’s weight, so it is borne by different parts than those which should, by design, be carrying it.  This can produce wear-and-tear on joints, fatigue the muscles, and possibly even cause changes at the cellular level. 1

Flipping that around, we’re able to see how simply standing or sitting well can help us to breathe effectively, digest and eliminate fully, avoid unnecessary pain, and keep the nervous system communicating clearly with the rest of the body.

  1. Move Your DNA